This is a way to automate continuous delivery of iOS project on Simulator. This allows teammates to run latest app code on Simulator.


Launching app on Mac

Using this script file you can launch a iOS Simulator app within the same folder as the script.

Placing this script and app archive on some cloud space we can make it available for anyone within the company.

Next, is how to keep app up-to-date. We can use our continuous integration server to keep updating the app on the cloud after it passed tests.

Updating app continuously

Here is our example of using Google Drive to store zip archive of the app. This is part of travis script that finds the app, packs into zip and uploads using gdrive. To authorize access we use GDRIVE_REFRESH_TOKEN, and to specify zip file on Google Drive to update we use .

SIMULATOR_APP=$(xcrun simctl get_app_container booted myapp.bundle.id)
ditto -ck --rsrc --sequesterRsrc --keepParent $SIMULATOR_APP $appZip
gdriveFileId=<some unique file id>
gdrive --refresh-token $GDRIVE_REFRESH_TOKEN update $gdriveFileId $appZip

To install gdrive with Homebrew:

brew install gdrive